The company in a nutshell

With over 15,000 products in its catalogue, TERIS Supply Services is the leading supplier of horticultural products in Quebec. The company currently meets the needs of more than 3,000 customers—horticultural, gardening and pest control professionals and retailers—operating greenhouses, nurseries, garden centres, and other types of stores.

The company’s mission is to offer innovative, quality horticultural products providing the best cost-benefit ratio. TERIS also continually strives to enhance its logistics in order to become your purchasing department. In this way it can simplify the procurement process for horticultural, gardening and pest control, as well as growers. Fostering partner relationships with both customers and suppliers, TERIS creates innovative synergies benefiting every player in the horticultural industry.

However, TERIS is much more than simply a wholesaler, as can be seen by the various services it has developed to help its customers achieve their business objectives—among them crop inputs financing and brand management —as well as by its sustainable development initiatives.

It’s in our nature to be green

Since the products of nature are at the root of everything TERIS does, it’s equally natural that the company operates in accordance with and promotes the principles of sustainable development.

TERIS has devoted considerable logistical effort to maximizing the efficiency of its delivery routes, sought out suppliers with environmentally friendly practices, and instituted various internal measures to reduce waste materials to a minimum.

Firmly planted and growing in Quebec, Canada

What’s more, because one of the fundamentals of sustainable development is building local economies, TERIS is proud to be able to say that it is wholly Quebec owned and has created over 30 jobs in Quebec.

Our team: Rooted in service

TERIS advisers can help provide you with solutions suiting your particular needs. Available to serve you at our store, on the phone, or at your place of business, their first and foremost concerns are to facilitate the purchasing process and assist you in growing your business. So, don’t hesitate to contact us !