We can help with the financing of your flower or vegetable crops

In partnership with a financial institution, TERIS can provide you with easy, low-cost financing for your production. Another proof that TERIS is much more than simply a wholesaler, but a true partner that is eager to help you develop your business.

Unlike traditional bank lines of credit, inputs financing enables you to fund what you buy from the date of purchase up to the time you are paid for your sales, even if your inventories of finished products or accounts receivable are quite low.

Give yourself the means to meet your customers’ demands!

Eligible products

  • Fertilizers

  • Pesticides

  • Potting soil

  • Containers

  • Propagation trays

  • Packaging materials

Features and benefits

  1. Repayable at any time

  2. Take advantage of discounts for early payments

  3. Low interest rate

  4. No inventory or monthly reports to provide

  5. Does not affect your TERIS credit limit

  6. Can be renewed annually